During Thanksgiving I was able to go back home and spend time with my family and I didn’t have any radiation treatments! I was so excited to eat all that good food and watch some football! 15232268_1132442366810645_6515299871617407591_n


After Thanksgiving I had to get on a flight to Houston, TX because I was invited to perform at The 2016 Holiday Soiree benefiting the Toys4Tots! This is a great organization that provides kids in need presents during the holiday season. We were able to donate a lot of toys to the organization and I was able to share my story with the people in the audience and let them know the appreciation of organizations like this and others that help anyone in need!

During the event we asked everyone in the audience to be a part of the #MannequinChallange and the video below is the finished product! LOL!


My Journey Continued

I’ve finished my 2 rounds of chemotherapy and now I go on to the next stage of my treatment plan.


I’ve had the chance to meet with a few doctors to figure out what type of radiation would be the best for my condition. There are a few different types of radiation that you can get and I chose to go with Proton Radiation. The only problem is that there are only 22 proton radiation cancer centers in the U.S. and there are none in New York. The closest one to me was in Boston, MA, so i had to go meet with the doctors at Mass General Hospital to figure out my treatment plan there.



Proton Radiation Maschine


2nd Round Of Chemo

Yesterday, September 27th, 2016 I started my second round of chemotherapy. This time I need to stay in the hospital for only 2 days. I should be able to leave today! This time the chemo hit me harder than last time. From the minute I started receiving the chemo I started feeling nausea. My stomach started feeling funny, even tho they gave me the medicine that would take care of the side effects I was still feeling terrible.


As you can see from the video I look very fatigued. I’ve been sleeping all day, feeling nauseous all day. I walked around a bit in the hospital but nothing made me feel better. I tried drinking a juice with turmeric and ginger ale and nothing helped, I just told myself this is how it might be this time around. My blood levels looked good so no need for any transfusions. For right now I will just have to go home and rest.

I will be posting some more videos on my facebook page @SVETMUSIC. Follow me on there and everywhere else to see what’s coming up next for me! I will keep you all updated!


After Surgery

My surgery lasted 3 and a half hours and consisted of the doctors taking out a small piece of my skull to open up my brain and allow some space for the CF fluid to move around. Then my surgeon  dissected the tumor the size of an almond out of my cerebellum. Once they took out the tumor they stitched me back  up and let me come out of anesthesia.

All week while I was in the hospital I was playing the video game FIFA with my brother and when I was coming out of anesthesia I thought that I was still in a game and I asked the doctors if I won the game. Of course they started laughing and told me that I’m coming out of the anesthesia. Then I was sent into post-op care to make sure there weren’t any infections or problems from my surgery. From the pictures below you can see the small tumor on the picture on the right, compared to the MRI from after surgery.

IMG_0813 (1).jpg

I then had to stay in the hospital for another 3 days until the wound healed and the doctors saw that I can drop the CF fluid pressure on my own. Luckily the doctors told me that I can now walk around and even go outside for a bit. I then decided to bring out my violin and see if I still had the same skills as I did before.


Then that video became viral and was picked up by the local news and also the national TV show ABC’s World News with David Muir.


I was so surprised and thankful from all of the support I was getting that I decided to create a GoFundMe page to help out with some of my expenses during my hospital stay.


All of the positive thoughts and prayers from my fans were with me! I could literally feel all of the prayers from people around the world! This is what pulled me through and helped me get better after surgery as quick as possible.

The next stage of my recovery figuring out what the tumor in my brain was, and I had another appointment with my doctor August 13th, to find out lab results. I finally got to go home and be with my dogs!



Lab Results

I received my lab results from the tumor they removed in my head and I got some news I didn’t think I would be getting at this age of my life. I found out that the tumor was a type of CANCER called Medulloblastoma. They gene typed my cancer as the SHH Medulloblastoma which is only found in 1 out of 2 million cancers.

Medulloblastoma (/məˌdʌlblæˈstmə/) is the type of pediatric malignant primary brain tumor (cancer), originating in the part of the brain that is towards the back and the bottom, on the floor of the skull, in the cerebellum orposterior fossa.

A week ago I didn’t know what medulloblastoma was and now I have it in my brain…my mind was going so many places but I was glad this was happening to me and not to someone in my family because I don’t know how I would be able to deal with that. I never once thought ‘Why me” or “this is unfair”… I always say life is life, and things will happen that you won’t ever understand, they say “Fair is a place they judge pigs” so there is no reason to dwell on what has happened but find ways to deal with it.


I stared doing my own research on cancers and what causes it, but there are so many different opinions that you don’t know where to look. I asked my doctors how I could have gotten this disease, ‘did I eat something’ ‘is it because I hit my head?’ but all they could tell me is that ‘I was unlucky’. Either way, I changed up some of my diet. I started eating less sugars and no more red meats. I started juicing, making fresh juices with kale, apples, ginger. All these things seemed to help a bit and if anything they definitely gave me more energy.

My doctors went over my recovery plan and it consisted of

2 rounds of Chemotherapy (3 weeks apart)

followed by

30 rounds of Radiation (15 minutes every day)

Then the doctors will take another MRI of my brain to see if there is still anything visible and if there isn’t then I will not need any more rounds of chemotherapy. So in a span of 1 month, I was healthy then out of nowhere I had brain surgery, a tumor was taken out of me, and I would have to start chemo.

On top of that my 30th Birthday was on September 3rd and my chemo would be starting September 5th. I got to celebrate my Birthday with some friends before my tough road ahead.