Starting Radiation

So I’ve moved to Boston, MA and I started Radiation Treatment on Nov.15 2016. The proton therapy team at Mass General is so nice. Everyone from secretaries to the nurses, the residents, and the radiology doctors are really great and give me all the information needed. This is a tough time for me, since I’ve always thought of myself as an intelligent and strong person since I did graduate from an Ivy League school with a Bachelors Degree and I work out 4 times/week. Some of the side effects of radiation scared me, things like headaches, short term memory loss while on radiation, fatigue, but with all these side effects I just kept telling myself that this will kill all the cancer cells and keep the healthy ones safe.


The radiation started and the first week was the toughest for me. I had uncontrollable headaches and some vomiting. It wasn’t a pretty sight. I couldn’t keep any food down and I just wasn’t hungry for at least 3 days. This was some of the worst pain that I’ve ever had in my life but somehow I got through it. When people talk about cancer all you really see is the loss of hair but most people don’t know about the other side effects so its good to keep it real and let people know that its not a fun time.

During my second week of radiation, I started taking it better, I wasn’t getting headaches or any nausea, I was actually starting to feel like myself again!!


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