Shaving My Hair

Since I’m doing a few rounds of chemo, I knew my hair would eventually start falling out. Most doctors say it takes 3 weeks for it to fall off, but they say it starts small and then a lot falls out at once.

To get rid of some of the anxiety of finding hair when I’m waking up I decided to shave my hair completely off. This was a big decision for me, my hair is a big part of me and my image. As a performer having a haircut as I did, people would always look it and wonder where I got the haircut from. From now I would have to get used having no hair for a few months. I didn’t dwell this moment, it took some strength but I talked myself into shaving it while performing a song on my violin and doing all of this live on Facebook.


The video turned out great and a lot of people watched. The big reason I wanted to do this is because I wanted to take control of this, I didn’t want to wait and see what happened. I knew what would happen so I took it in my own hands and now I feel better for it

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