Lab Results

I received my lab results from the tumor they removed in my head and I got some news I didn’t think I would be getting at this age of my life. I found out that the tumor was a type of CANCER called Medulloblastoma. They gene typed my cancer as the SHH Medulloblastoma which is only found in 1 out of 2 million cancers.

Medulloblastoma (/məˌdʌlblæˈstmə/) is the type of pediatric malignant primary brain tumor (cancer), originating in the part of the brain that is towards the back and the bottom, on the floor of the skull, in the cerebellum orposterior fossa.

A week ago I didn’t know what medulloblastoma was and now I have it in my brain…my mind was going so many places but I was glad this was happening to me and not to someone in my family because I don’t know how I would be able to deal with that. I never once thought ‘Why me” or “this is unfair”… I always say life is life, and things will happen that you won’t ever understand, they say “Fair is a place they judge pigs” so there is no reason to dwell on what has happened but find ways to deal with it.


I stared doing my own research on cancers and what causes it, but there are so many different opinions that you don’t know where to look. I asked my doctors how I could have gotten this disease, ‘did I eat something’ ‘is it because I hit my head?’ but all they could tell me is that ‘I was unlucky’. Either way, I changed up some of my diet. I started eating less sugars and no more red meats. I started juicing, making fresh juices with kale, apples, ginger. All these things seemed to help a bit and if anything they definitely gave me more energy.

My doctors went over my recovery plan and it consisted of

2 rounds of Chemotherapy (3 weeks apart)

followed by

30 rounds of Radiation (15 minutes every day)

Then the doctors will take another MRI of my brain to see if there is still anything visible and if there isn’t then I will not need any more rounds of chemotherapy. So in a span of 1 month, I was healthy then out of nowhere I had brain surgery, a tumor was taken out of me, and I would have to start chemo.

On top of that my 30th Birthday was on September 3rd and my chemo would be starting September 5th. I got to celebrate my Birthday with some friends before my tough road ahead.




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