2nd Round Of Chemo

Yesterday, September 27th, 2016 I started my second round of chemotherapy. This time I need to stay in the hospital for only 2 days. I should be able to leave today! This time the chemo hit me harder than last time. From the minute I started receiving the chemo I started feeling nausea. My stomach started feeling funny, even tho they gave me the medicine that would take care of the side effects I was still feeling terrible.


As you can see from the video I look very fatigued. I’ve been sleeping all day, feeling nauseous all day. I walked around a bit in the hospital but nothing made me feel better. I tried drinking a juice with turmeric and ginger ale and nothing helped, I just told myself this is how it might be this time around. My blood levels looked good so no need for any transfusions. For right now I will just have to go home and rest.

I will be posting some more videos on my facebook page @SVETMUSIC. Follow me on there and everywhere else to see what’s coming up next for me! I will keep you all updated!



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