1st Round of Chemo

So I’m back in the hospital starting my treatment for my Medulloblastoma. I’m starting chemotherapy on September 5th, 2016. I have to stay in the hospital for 2-3 days so they see how I react to the chemotherapy.

Before I got my chemotherapy I had to do a spinal tap. This is a long needle that goes into the middle of your back and it has to stay there for 2 minutes until spinal fluid is released. This fluid is then taken in for lab work to see if I had any cancer cells in my spine. The doctors showed me the results of the spinal tap and full body MRI as well as my blood work. Everything looked okay, I had no other problematic areas, just my brain contained blue cells which are the medulloblastoma cells.

This was a great sign! With this treatment I’m hoping for the best! Once I started chemotherapy I started feeling drowzy right away and I felt a lot of fatigue.


I was given medication for nausea and vomiting and I felt fine other than being very tired. I tried to stay up the first night to watch a movie but I just couldn’t.


The second day of chemotherapy I only had to take 1 of the 3 chemo medicines over a span of 30 minutes, which was a lot easier to take than the first day of chemo. I didn’t have too many side effects while I was in the hospital but during both of these days I made sure that I was still sticking to my diet and trying to drink as many fresh juices and as much water as possible.

Chemotherapy breaks down the immune system, and I was trying to build it up before it was going to break down so I bought a few supplements that help out with being in chemo such as

  1. Turmeric
  2. Barley Grass Extract
  3. Reishi Mushrooms
  4. Asparagus Root Extract
  5. Black Seed Oil
  6. Flax Seed

I mix some of these in my food, and in my juices and these help out my immune system as well as bringing the white blood cell count up.

The first few days when I came back home from chemo were kind of a blur, it felt like I was sleeping 18 hours per day and when I was up I wasn’t overly motivated to do anything. 5-6 days after I had chemo I started feeling a lot better and I actually went to the gym to get some exercise. I started feeling normal again!


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