About 6 months ago while I was on a national college tour performing, I kept getting these headaches that would not stop for hours. I’m a very active person, I go to the gym 3 times/week so I didn’t think anything of it. I thought maybe I pulled a muscle or I was working out too hard or maybe I was getting the headaches from all of the loud music from performing near big speaker systems. I just wasn’t sure what it could have been so about 4 months I decided to go to a doctor and get myself checked out.


headache1The first doctor I ever saw for my headaches had some of the same feelings as me. She thought that maybe I pulled a muscle in my neck or I was working out fast and blood could have been rushing to my head fast so she decided that I go home and just rest on it and not work out too hard for the next week or so.


After that I started getting the headaches again, even though I stopped working out. The headaches would get worse and worse and the only times I could stand it is if I put my head down in a praying position and wait for the headaches to stop. A couple of months went by and still no change. Sometimes I would feel no pain all day and then once the night kicked in, my head started pounding again. I thought to myself I just have to live with this.


Then we get to a day in late July, my head started hurting again and it just wouldn’t stop. I tried going to bed with the headache but I couldn’t sleep at all. Tossing and turning all night I just knew something was wrong. I never had pain like this in my life where I couldn’t think straight, and all I’m thinking about is a shooting pain every couple of seconds. I couldn’t sleep all night so in the early morning hours I decided to go to the Emergency Room at my local hospital.


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